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Step back in time to an age of glamour and exuberance, this New Year’s Eve with The Prohibition Party, and lose yourself in a riotous celebration of twenties opulence. Travel back to a time when footloose flappers danced the Charleston, card sharp cads tried their luck at the roulette table, and everyone quaffed on the free-flowing bootlegged booze.

Held in a secret central London location, The Prohibition Party features multiple rooms teeming with live music, DJs on gramophones, gambling, dancing troupes and mouth-watering cocktails. Guests are transported back to a bygone era and invited to enter a surreal and romantic world set in a secret central London speakeasy.

An evening of unbounded revelry, The Prohibition Party is London’s landmark immersive 1920s party, blurring the boundaries between audience and performers.

Inhibitions are shrugged aside at the hidden bars, live music demands you take to the dance floor, and morals are forgotten in the hidden gambling dens, as the underground world comes to life for one night only.

Secret Party Rooms - Hidden Speakeasies - Floorshows & Performances - Gambling Dens


Find out more about our New Year's Eve special Prohibition Party here.

Doors open at 9pm; floorshow and gambling from 9.30pm

Carriages at 3am (or earlier if the police find us)

Address: Secret Central London Speakeasy, to be announced two weeks prior to the party